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How Our Process Works For Loan Officers


We provide you with a long-form referral that will be sent to you via email. It will include Name, Email, and Phone number as well as these:

image1 2.jpeg


This form will be sent to your email and our database. After they fill out the form, they will schedule a time to call you on the phone using a scheduler we set up for you. Once they schedule, you will get a notification. Our automation will follow up for as much a 7 days following up with those that don't schedule a call right away.



You will be able to prequalify and send them to a referral partner (preferably a NEW partner you're trying to connect with!)



Grow your business with these leads by profiting on not ONLY the new lead, but building the new referral partners that send you 7-50 NEW deals a year!

Leasing a Home


— Troy T, Insurance Agent

"We have grown our business tremendously with using these leads to grow our referral network!"

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