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How Our Process Works For Roofing Companies


We provide you with a long-form referral that will be sent to you via email. It will include Name, Email, and Phone number as well as these:

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This form will be sent to your email and our database. After they fill out the form, our team will follow up with them immediately with the intention of them getting on the phone with you for more information. This is where we are able to get rid of the "tire-kickers" and send you people that want to talk with you immediately.



You will be able to prequalify and get them quoted to do business with you!

Image by Patrick Robert Doyle


Grow your business with these leads and make home owners all over your market happy with your service!

Leasing a Home


— Troy T, Insurance Agent

"We have grown our business tremendously with using these leads to grow our referral network!"


Most Common Questions Before Getting Started

"What If I Get A Lead With Invalid Info?"

We will replace the lead and you will not be charged for it. Our team that helps with getting a hold of the lead will see this and it will be replaced.

"How Many Leads Do I Get?"

We do a minimum of 30 Leads per month but have done as many as 150 per month in densely populated areas.

"How Do We Know These Leads Aren't Fake?"

Our team helps with the front-end of getting in contact with the leads so that they can get an appointment scheduled with your company. All leads are real-time leads.

How do you charge? HomeAdvisor has a lawsuit for charging cards fraudulently.

We charge for the lead package once per month up-front to that there's no hidden charges on your card. Any leads over our package guarantee are yours to keep.

How Many Other Companies Get The Same Lead?

Only your company--we don't send these leads to anybody else. You're paying for these leads to be exclusive to you...not to share with 6 other companies. It annoys you and the customer.

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